How to Play Intrique Solitaire

Intrique solitaire is a unique solitaire where the tableau is dealt out slightly different every game.

Intrique Solitaire Rules

| Players: 1 | Type: Solitiare | Supplies: 2 Decks |


The objective of intrigue solitaire is to build half the foundation piles up, and the other half down.


Remove one queen from one of the decks and place it on the layout to form the the base of the first tableau pile. Shuffle the decks together. Set up continues as the game is dealt out.

Game Play

Intrigue solitaire begins as soon as the deal starts. As 5s and 6s become available, they are immediately placed above the tableau to form the foundation piles. There will be a total of 16 foundation piles, eight foundation piles of 5s, and eight foundation piles of 6s. The fives are built down in sequence to ace, then king, regardless of suits. The 6s are built up in sequence to jacks, regardless of suits. Suits do not come into play into this game.

The queen that is layed out during setup is the base of the first tableau pile. Deal out cards face up, one at a time, until another queen appears on the pile. Once a queen appears on the pile, the queen is moved to start a new tableau pile. Dealing continues on the new queen, and this process repeats until all eight queens are out and in their own tableau piles, and the deck is fully dealt out.

During the deal, all 5s and 6s are removed from the tableau as soon as they are revealed to start the foundation piles. As the cards are dealt out, any card that can be played on a foundation pile must be placed onto the foundation piles.

The top card of each tableau pile is available for play at all times, even if the cards are not fully dealt out yet. If a queen is the only card in a tableau pile, the pile is considered “empty” and any top card of any tableau pile may be placed onto an “empty” tableau pile. Once all cards are dealt out, the player continues to build the foundation piles until there are only queens left in the tableau.

To Win

To win intrigue solitaire, If the player builds all tableau piles and only has the queens remaining in the tableau, the game is won. If the player runs out of available moves, and the foundation piles are not completed, the intrigue solitaire is lost.


-Salic Law Solitaire is a similar game in regards to the tableau layout.

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