How to Play Spoons

Spoons is classified as a childrens game, however it is fun for all ages. Race to get four-of-a-kind, then snatch a spoon.

Spoons Rules

| Players: 2+ | Type: Matching | Supplies: 1 Deck |


The objective of spoons is to not be the only player without a spoon when the round ends.


Each player is dealt four cards, one at a time. The remaining deck is placed to the right of the dealer faced down.


You need one less spoon (or token) than the number of players. The spoons are placed in the middle, in between all players.

Game Play

The game begins with the dealer looking at the top card of the deck and either switching it with one of the cards in their hand or passing it face down on the table to the player on their left. If the player does switch a card for the new one, the switched out card is passed instead of the drawn one. Once a card is passed left, the next player can pick up the card and either switch a card or pass it to their left.

At the same time, the dealer is looking at the next top card from the deck. Players pass cards as fast as they want, which will cause some backup of cards for some players. Players are only allowed to look at one card at a time. There will also be a discard pile formed to the right of the deck. The player to the right of the dealer will be the last person to get a card, instead of this player passing a card back to the dealer, they place the card into a discard pile.

Once a player has 4-of-a-kind in their hand, they can grab a spoon. This can be done in any way, slow and sneaky or quick and loud. After the first player has grabbed a spoon, the other players can grab a spoon as well. Once all spoons are grabbed, the round is over. The player who does not have a spoon at the end of the round is out of the game.

Start a new round. Each time a new round is started, take away a spoon. There should always be one less spoon in the middle than there are players still in the game.

Additional Rules

-If the deck runs out without a player having a 4-of-a-kind in their hand, the discard pile is shuffled by the dealer and cards continue to be played.

-If a player grabs the first spoon without having a 4-of-a-kind, they are out of the game. Everyone else moves onto the next round.


When the game gets down to the final two players, the first player to grab the spoon is the winner of the game.

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