How to Play Salute The King

Salute the king is a war type card game using one deck of cards that involves following commands depending on which card is revealed to the group. You can either use the pre-determined commands or assign your own commands to each card. If you assign your own commands, pre-determine this before the game starts.

Salute The King Rules

| Players: 3+ | Type: War | Supplies: 1 Deck |


The objective of salute the king is to run out of cards.


Deal the deck to each player one card at a time. Some players may have one more card than others, this is ok. Players take their stack and keep it face down at all times without looking at the cards.

Game Play

The player left of the dealer goes first. The first player plays the top card from their stack into a pile in the middle. If it is a number card between two and ten, play continues clockwise. If at any point a player reveals a face card or an ace, each player has to follow a command, if you are the last player to follow a command, you take the entire center pile and put it at the bottom of your deck. Use the following chart to know which command to do when a certain card is played.

Command Chart

Ace: Stand up
King: Salute
Queen: Bow
Jack: Clap

After a player collects all of the cards from the center and puts them at the bottom of their stack, they play the first card of the new round. This process continues until a player runs out of cards.


The player who runs out of cards first wins salute the king.


For the queen's command, bow is the original command, however, when players bow simultaneously, it may be hard to identify who bowed last. As an alternative, knock on the table when a queen is played, or assign your own easily identifiable command.

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