How to Play Put-Them-In-Order

Put-Them-In-Order Rules

| Players: 1 | Type: Solitaire | Supplies: 1 Deck |


The objective of Put-Them-In-Order is to arrange the cards in the grid in ascending order from the ace to the 8 from the top left of the grid to the bottom middle, leaving the empty cell at the bottom right.


You only need nine cards from the deck, an ace through 9; remove all other cards from the game. Shuffle the nine cards and place them in a three-by-three grid, face up. Remove the 9 from the grid and the game to create an empty cell.

Put-Them-In-Order set up: card layout
Put-Them-In-Order card layout set up picture

Game Play

You may only move one card at a time. A card may be moved into the empty cell if the card is directly above, below, to the left, or to the right of the empty cell. You may not move a card diagonally into the empty cell. For example, you could move either the 5 of hearts, the 4 of hearts, or the 2 of hearts into the empty cell. You may make as many moves as you want.

To Win

Put-Them-In-Order is won if you arrange the grid in numerical order from the ace to the 8. The top row should have the ace on the left, the 2 in the middle, and the 3 on the right. The middle row should have the 4 on the left, the 5 in the middle, and the 6 on the right. The bottom row should have the 7 on the left, the 8 in the middle, and the empty cell on the right. If you cannot get the cards in this pattern, the game is lost.

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