How to Play 99 Card Game
(Ninety Nine Card Game)

The 99 card game is an addition game. Certain cards have special properties instead of having numeric value. 99 is a fun way to help children learn math.

99 Card Game Rules

| Players: 2+ | Type: Addition | Supplies: 1 Deck, 3 tokens per player |


The objective of ninety-nine is to avoid playing a card in the middle that causes the running total to exceed 99. Each player starts with three tokens. The player to go over 99 loses a token.


Each player is dealt three cards, one at a time. The remaining cards are placed in the middle.

Card Value

Game Play

The cards placed in the middle are totaled together. The player left of the dealer will go first. Each turn the player will place a card in the middle face up, and say what the new total of the middle is. The player then draws a card and ends their turn.

Play continues clockwise until someone gets the total above 99. When someone gets the total above 99, they lose one token. Shuffle the cards and start a new round.

When a player loses all 3 tokens, they are out of the game.

Additional Rules

If there are only two players, 4s are worth face value.


The last player with a token is the winner.

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