How to Play James Bond

James Bond is a matching game where players race to assemble their stacks into stacks of four-of-a-kind first.

James Bond Card Game Rules

| Players: 2-4, 6 | Type: Matching | Supplies: 1 Deck |


The object of James bond is to be the first player to have four cards of the same rank in each pile.


The number of cards dealt depends on the number of players. The Game always starts with four face up cards in the middle. Deal out four face up cards where every player can reach them.

Players are dealt their cards face down and are not allowed to look at them before the game starts.

For a two player game, deal each player 24 cards.
For a three player game, deal each player 16 cards.
For a four player game, deal each player 12 cards. .


The players will put their cards into face down piles of four cards each, without looking at the cards.

James Bond card game set up: card layout
James Bond card game set up

Game Play

When every player is ready, have any player countdown from three to start the game. There are no turns, players will play as fast as possible simultaneously.

Players may pick up any of their piles at any time to look at, but only one pile at a time. Players swap cards from the cards in their hand with a card in the middle. When swapping cards, a player must lay down a card from their hand in the middle before taking a card. Players may only swap one card at a time, but as many cards per hand as they want. A player can not lay down two cards then pick up two cards. If they want to trade for two cards in the middle, they must trade one at a time.

Players can move between piles in any order, and as fast as they want, but only one pile can be in their hand at a time. All piles that are not in a player's hand should be face down.


The game ends when a player has four of a kind in every pile and announces “James Bond.” The winner reveals all their piles for proof. If they are correct, they win. If they are wrong, they lose and everyone else wins.

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