How to Play Hockey Card Game

This card hockey game is an easy fishing game for four players. It is simple and fast. Learn how to play hockey card game for your next game night.

Hockey Card Game Rules

| Players: 4 | Type: Fishing | Supplies: 1 Deck |


The objective of hockey is to capture the pile in the middle by matching the top card of the pile and scoring a point.


Divide the players into two teams and have the players sit across from each other. Deal each player 13 cards.

Game Play

The game starts with the player left of the dealer playing the first card into the middle. Play continues clockwise with each player adding a card to the middle on their turn. When a player plays a card into the middle that matches the top card in rank, the team to make the match collects the middle pile and sets it aside. Each pile collected counts as a point for the round. Keep the collected piles separated for scoring. After a match is made, gameplay continues counterclockwise with the next player playing a card to start a new pile.

A jack is a block card and cannot be matched for a round point. A Jack can not be played on top of another jack. A jack can not start a pile.

Game play continues until all cards have been played into the middle. When all cards have been played into the middle, take score, rotate the dealer to the left, shuffle and play another round. Play a total of three rounds.


Each team gets a point for each pile they captured.


To win hockey, the team with the highest score after three rounds is played wins. If there is a tie, continue playing rounds until the tie is broken.

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