How to Play Bakers Dozen Solitaire

Bakers dozen is a pile based solitaire game where you try to build up the foundation piles.

Bakers Dozen Rules

| Players: 1 | Type: Solitaire | Supplies: 1 Deck |


The objective of bakers dozen solitaire is to get all the cards into their foundation piles.


Set up the game by creating 13 stacks of four cards each, face up. The stacks should be positioned in a way where you can see each card in the stack. Once all the stacks have been laid out, move all kings to the bottom of their current stacks.

Bakers Dozen set up: card layout
Bakers Dozen set up

Game Play

You begin the game by making available moves. You can only move one card at a time. Cards can be moved from one stack to another if the card being moved is one rank lower than the card it is being placed on top of, suits do not matter here. Only the top card of a stack can be moved.

There are four foundation piles, one for each suit. Once an ace is available to be moved by being the top card of any stack, you can create a foundation pile. Each foundation pile is started with an ace. Once a foundation pile is started, the next card of the same suit and sequence can be added to that foundation pile. Play continues until you either have all cards in their foundation piles, or can not make any more moves.

Additional Rules

-When a stack is emptied, it remains empty, no cards can be placed in this space.

-Cards can not be removed from foundation piles.

To Win

If you get all cards into the foundation piles, you win. If you run out of legal moves before this happens, you lose.

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