How to Play American Toad Solitaire

American toad solitaire is slightly different each game, since the foundation piles starting card is randomly selected each time american toad solitaire is set up.

American Toad Solitaire Rules

| Players: 1 | Type: Solitaire | Supplies: 2 Decks |


The objective of american toad solitaire is to build up each of the eight foundation piles, from the predetermined starting card, until all piles have 13 cards.


Shuffle the two decks together. Deal out 20 face down cards to form the reserve pile, flip the top card of the reserve pile face up. Deal out a row of 8 cards to form the eight tableau piles. Deal out a card above the tableau piles face up to start a foundation pile. Place the remaining deck face down to form the stock.

American Toad Solitaire set up: card layout
American Toad Solitaire card layout set up picture

Game Play

Only the top card of the reserve pile, waste pile, and of each tableau pile are available for play onto a foundation pile. The first card dealt into the foundation pile determines the starting card for all other foundation piles. When a foundation starting card becomes available it is moved to start a foundation pile. Aces may be played on kings to continue the sequence in foundation piles.

Tableau piles may be built down in sequence in suit. A king may be played on an ace to continue the sequence. One card or group of cards in the proper sequence may be moved from tableau pile to tableau pile when building down in suit.

When a tableau pile becomes empty, it is filled by the top card of the reserve pile; if there is no reserve pile, it is filled by any available card.

When there are no more moves, flip the top card of the stock over to form or add to the waste pile. The top card of the waste pile may be played onto a tableau pile or foundation pile. When the stock is depleted, you may pick up the waste pile and flip it over to form a new stock one time.

To Win

To win american toad solitaire, all eight foundation piles must be built up in sequence from the starting card until all piles have 13 cards. If the player runs out of moves after the stock is depleted twice, and the foundation piles are not complete, american toad solitaire is lost.

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