How to Play Travellers Solitaire

Travellers solitaire is a luck based card game where you try to get all 13 piles to have four of a kind.

Travellers Solitaire Rules

| Players: 1 | Type: Solitaire | Supplies: 1 Deck |


The objective of travellers solitaire is to have 13 piles of four-of-a-kind.


Deal out 13 piles, with four face down cards each.

Travellers Solitaire set up: card layout
Travellers Solitaire card layout set up picture

Game Play

The piles are named from left to right: “Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King” The goal is to end the game with 13 piles of cards with the card ranks corresponding to the name of the pile it is in.

Draw the top card of the king pile, place the card at the bottom of its corresponding named pile. No piles should ever have more than four cards. When you add a card to the bottom of a pile, take the top card (the fifth card) of that pile and place it in its corresponding named pile. This process repeats until you have uncovered the fourth king and placed it in the "king" pile.

To Win

Travellers solitaire is won when all 13 piles have the four cards, face up in the pile, that correspond with the pile's name. If the fourth king is placed in the "king" pile and there are still face down cards in other piles, travellers solitaire is lost.

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