How to Play Accordion Solitaire

Accordion solitaire is a patience game using a single deck of playing cards, where you try to compress the deck into one pile. The best way to form an accodion solitaire strategy is to try something new, stick with it for a few games, then go on to test another strategy. See what works for you and what doesn't.

Accordion Solitaire Rules

| Players: 1 | Type: Solitaire | Supplies: 1 Deck |


The objective of accordion solitaire is to get all the cards in one pile.


The player deals out the cards one by one face up, in a row from left to right, as many times as space allows. If you need to make multiple rows, you can, the first card on the second row is considered one space to the right of the last card on the first row. Rows continue to follow this pattern.

Accordion set up: card layout
Accordion set up: card layout

Game Play

Any card may be placed on top of the card to its left, or the third card to its left, as long as the cards are of the same suit or of the same rank. If a card qualifies for being moved, it is your choice whether or not you move it.

When the movement of one or more cards have formed a pile, the entire pile is moved solely based on the top card of the pile, all cards underneath are ignored, but still moved with the top card.

To Win

You win if you get all cards in one stack. If you can not make any more moves and have more than one stack, you lose.

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