How to Play Forehead Poker

Forehead poker is a poker game with a card placed on your forehead that everyone else can see except yourself. Forehead poker is a game about bluffing.

Forehead Poker Rules

| Players: 2+ | Type: Bluffing | Supplies: 1 Deck |


The objective of forehead poker is to not have the lowest ranking card at the end of the round.


Shuffle the cards and deal out one card to each player, face down. Put the remaining cards in the middle face down in a messy manner.


Each player takes their card, without looking at it, and holds the card facing outwards to their forehead, where everyone else can see it, but they cant.

Card Rank

(Highest Rank) King down to Ace (Lowest Rank)

Game Play

The person left of the dealer goes first. They ask the group questions to determine if they should or should not exchange their card. The other players can tell them the truth or bluff.

The player then decides to keep their card or exchange it. If they keep their card, play moves onto the next player. If they decide to exchange their card, they may look at their card, then pick a new one. Players can only exchange their card once per round, and they only have the option to exchange their card during their turn. After a player's turn, move onto the next player until each player has had a turn.

If a player does not exchange their card, they may not look at it until the round is over.


The player with the lowest ranking card is the loser, everyone else wins.


Forehead poker can be an elimination game. Each round the player with the lowest card is eliminated. If there is a tie for lowest ranked card, all tied players are eliminated. Start a new round after each elimination until only one player is left. The last player in the game is the winner.

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