How to Play Colours Solitaire

Colours solitaire is an easy to learn and setup solitaire game that uses one deck of playing cards.

Colours Solitaire Rules

| Players: 1 | Type: Solitaire | Supplies: 1 Deck |


The objective of colours solitaire is to build up the four foundation piles in sequence by color. There will be two foundation piles per color.


Deal out a row of six face up cards to form the six tableau piles. Place the remaining deck face up to form the stock.

Game Play

There will be four foundation piles in a row, alternating color from left to right. Only 13 cards per foundation pile are allowed. The first foundation pile is started with a 2, the second is started with a 3, the 3rd is started with a 4, and the 4th is started with a 5. You may choose which piles are which colors based on the following condition: the foundation piles that start with a 2 and 4 (the first and third pile) must be the same color, and the foundation piles that start with a 3 and 5 (the second and fourth pile) must be the same color. Foundation piles are built up in sequence, in the same color. Aces round the corner, meaning you can play an ace on a king and continue in sequence.

Only the top card of the stock, and the top card of the tableau piles are available to me moved to the foundation piles. The top card of the stock may be moved to any tableau pile. Cards may not be moved from tableau pile to tableau pile. If a tableau pile is emptied, any top card from another tableau pile or the top card of the stock may be used to fill this space. There is no redeal, when the stock runs out, play continues until the foundation piles are built up or there are no more available moves.

To Win

If the player builds up all four foundation piles, in sequence and in color, the player wins. If the player runs out of available moves and the foundation piles are not completed, the player loses.

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